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Broken Sewer Line

Water Heaters

Our plumbers are well versed in repairing and replacing water heaters of all types:

  • Natural gas, LP gas or Electric
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Tank or Tankless
We get the job done right the first time.


We repair or replace all types of faucets in your kitchen, wet bar, lavatory, tub, shower, laundry, hose bibb or the whole house shut off valve. Most faucet rebuilds only require replacement of stems and seats or cartridges and they work like new. If you want the faucet replaced, we can supply the new faucet or you may furnish your own to complement your décor.

Lavatory Drain Leak

Major Bathroom Fixtures

We are prepared to help you with your major bathroom fixtures, replacing one item, or remodeling your entire bathroom.

Anything from correcting a pesky running toilet or dripping shower head to replacing a cracked tub or rundown showers can be handled with ease. Remember, a running toilet or dripping faucet is not only irritating; it’s literally money down the drain.


Our plumbers are qualified to install, replace or repair any pump. We handle submersible pumps, recirculation pumps, and shredder pumps.

Backflow and RPZ devices

We can test, certify, repair or replace domestic backflow valves and commercial RPZ devices. These devices are important. They help keep the water in your piping system clean by preventing backwash into the pipes.

Broken Sewer Line

Broken Sewer Lines

Our plumbing trucks carry specialized equipment to test, repair or replace your clogged or broken sewer lines and drains. We can clear a clog or blockage with a rooter machine. If you have a leak, we have the ability to inspect your pipes with a high-resolution camera, diagnose the problem and show you any broken areas. The particular leak or break can be pinpointed with a depth-finder/locater.

Slab Leak Re-route

Backups, Clogged Drains and Broken Water Lines

Got a clog or a backed up drain? No problem. Our plumbers are experienced at clearing drain blockages. If your water line is leaking in your yard or under your slab, we can use specialized amplifying equipment to locate the precise area of the leak. This eliminates guesswork and helps us to give you an accurate estimate and save you time and money. After isolating the leak, we can present you with options to repair the leak.

Water Line Replacement

Line Replacement

Our plumbers are masters at re-routing or replacing gas, water and sewer lines. Our methods make the process as painless as possible. We do not cut your service off until we are ready to connect to the new line. We can tunnel under your slab to repair or replace your lines, preventing unnecessary damage and chaos in your home.